Fange Aps is a Danish Limited Partnership designing, manufacturing and delivering robot based automation solutions, custom made machinery and specialised conveyor systems.

Our ambition is to manufacture top quality equipment at very competitive prices.

Concepts and designs are developed in Denmark and manufactured in Thailand under Danish supervision or in special cases made in Denmark.

The equipment is modular built on platforms in order to minimize the installation time at the customer. Further the modular build offers maximum flexibility by later lay-out changes at customers facilities.

For several applications standard solutions have been developed meaning significant time and cost savings for the customer.

As our customer your only necessary contact is FANGE ApS in Denmark and you will not be involved in the import from Thailand. However you are always welcome to test and inspect the equipment in Thailand prior to shipment. All equipment delivered by FANGE ApS in Europe must by law comply with EU-regulations and must have CE marking.

FANGE ApS is a Motoman System Supplier and the sole distributor in Denmark of RobotWorks  software.



Free trial of RobotWorks and Motoman HP20.